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subframe converterbrackets from 205 to gti set

Price: 42,00 EUR
as orginal converterbracket left and right

extensiom side rear botom left or right

Price: 42,00 EUR

rear trunk stifner traverse

Price: 70,00 EUR
7251 37

peugeot 205 trunk stiffner right

Price: 95,00 EUR
7251 44

peugeot 205 trunk stiffner left

Price: 85,00 EUR
7251 39

rear bottom side restorationpart left or right

Price: 39,00 EUR
in zincor

airfilterhouse bracket gti/cti

Price: 18,00 EUR
made from 1,5 mm steelplate zincked

peugeot 205 front beamlights bracket set

Price: 19,50 EUR
pressed steel,zincked yellow

longeron avant

Price: 27,50 EUR

rear toweye bracket peugeot 205

Price: 30,00 EUR
reartoweye bracket peugeot 205

rear quarter bumpermount side repair bracket left

Price: 15,00 EUR

newmade airfilterbox peugeot 205 gti/cti

Price: 156,00 EUR
stronger build and powdercoated

innerwing leftside peugeot 205 in zincor (zincp

Price: 70,00 EUR
zinck plated material zincor 0,9 mm

innerwing rightside peugeot 205 in zincor 0,9 mm (

Price: 70,00 EUR

blinker insert headlight side panel right side

Price: 70,00 EUR
made from 1 mm and 1,5 mm steelplate/ fabriqués à partir de 1 mm et 1,5 mm tôle d’acier

blinker insert headlight side panel left side

Price: 70,00 EUR
made from 1 and 1,5 mm steel/ fabriqués à partir de 1 mm et 1,5 mm tôle d’acier

Pipercross airfilter peugeot 205 gti/cti/rallye/ge

Price: 17,50 EUR

frontsidewindow lifter rail 3 doors (not cti) pug

Price: 80,00 EUR
refurbished ,orginal with new rubber left and rightside price is for a set left and rightside


Price: 25,00 EUR

TU coolingwater bottle bracket

Price: 35,00 EUR

front fuses box holder bracket

Price: 37,50 EUR

alternator bracket 2

Price: 45,00 EUR

powersteering botlle bracket pug 205

Price: 37,50 EUR

strutbrace peugeot 205 TU with carburator

Price: 75,00 EUR
strutbrace peugeot 205 TU with carburator

peugeot 205 electr wiringloom bracket front rights

Price: 21,00 EUR

frontbumperslider 2 pieces

Price: 23,50 EUR
made from mildsteel zincked price is for 2 pieces

heatshield tankstrap bracket

Price: 18,00 EUR

newmade pullycap front and rear

Price: 87,00 EUR
newmade pulycap front and rear made from mildsteel zincked white

front toweye pug 205 zincked

Price: 40,00 EUR

rear axel bracket

Price: 55,00 EUR

pullycover frontside orginal yellow zincked

Price: 50,00 EUR

lowertraverse in zincor

Price: 45,00 EUR

pullycover zincked yellow orginal

Price: 75,00 EUR

sparewheelcage bracket(homecoming)

Price: 65,00 EUR

fugee shields

Price: 12,50 EUR
set of 2


Price: 30,00 EUR

brake limiter bracket

Price: 37,50 EUR


Price: 20,00 EUR

front bumper bracket

Price: 20,50 EUR

bracket airfilterbox pug 205 rallye 1,3

Price: 25,00 EUR

exhoust bracket

Price: 23,00 EUR
no 3 on photo 3

heatshield subframe

Price: 25,00 EUR

brakehose clip

Price: 2,50 EUR

brake hosebracket 6

Price: 12,00 EUR

brake hosebracket 5

Price: 13,50 EUR

brake hosebracket 4

Price: 14,50 EUR

brake hosebracket 3

Price: 14,50 EUR

brake hosebracket 2

Price: 16,00 EUR

brake hosebracket 1

Price: 16,00 EUR
shippingcost is for 1 or more

rearhandbrake brackets left and right

Price: 28,00 EUR

weld on repairbracket peugeot 309 gti 16 v

Price: 7,00 EUR
repair bracket airfilterbox peugeot 309 gti mi 16 message me for shippingprice

airflowmeter brackets (3 pieces)peugeot 309 gti 16

Price: 76,00 EUR
newmade in 2 mm steel (mainbracket and smal) the other bracket curved is in 1,5 mm all close to orginal and powdercoated black

newmade plastic hood cover set left and right peug

Price: 35,00 EUR
price is for left and right

innerwing left or right peugeot 309in zincor 0,9 m

Price: 85,00 EUR
innerwing front left or right peugeot 309

new blinkerinsert panel front peugeot 309 left or

Price: 175,00 EUR
leave message for left,right or both

reartraverse for hood of 205 cabrio cti/cj

Price: 120,00 EUR
made from mildsteel powdercoated black good fitting

repairbracket airfilterboxex 205 gti cti

Price: 7,00 EUR
repair bracket message me for shippingprice

airfilterbox peugeot 205 gti/cti 309 gti 8v 16v pe

Price: 4,50 EUR
good rubberseal for airfilterbox shippingcost depends of country email me

floorpan restoration part left or right

Price: 27,50 EUR
made from 1,5 mm sheetmetal

rearquarterpanel restoration part bottom left or r

Price: 50,00 EUR
left or right

topmount repairpiece pug 205 left or right

Price: 45,00 EUR
made from 2 mm steel

front strutbar Peugeot 205 TU versions 1,1 1,2,1,4

Price: 135,00 EUR
in colour powercoated on demand wont fit 205 diesel

airflow massmeterbracket gti/cti

Price: 45,00 EUR
made from 1,5 and 2 mm steelplate powdercoated black

rear hoodspannerset cti/cj cabriolet

Price: 75,00 EUR
a set left and right stainlessteel 304 1,5 mm powdercoated black

cornerpiece front left or right in zincor

Price: 22,50 EUR
price is for a left or rightone when order please tell what you want

counterleafbracket 1 piece

Price: 17,50 EUR
price is for 1 piece powdercoated black

altenator bracket

Price: 33,25 EUR